As a member of the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, I work hands on with legislation and organizations strengthening our natural resiliency. Our State is a national leader in environmental health because of our commitment to the Global Warming Solutions Act and motivation to build upon it. The Baker Administration has championed environmental protection by investing in greener energy sources, cutting carbon emissions, and adapting to climate change.

The Plymouth & Norfolk District has received over $225,000 in State grants for dam and seawall repair since I assumed office. These reinforcements are necessary to allow our coastal communities to address the challenges of storms and sea level rise. We are working with the Office of Coastal Zone Management to balance protect ocean habitats and promote sustainable economic development on the coast.

I was the only Senator to sponsor amendments to the bill creating a moratorium on gas fracking. These included bans on construction of compressor stations and requirements for air monitoring stations adjacent to any compressor station. My amendment banning the construction of any compressor station within .6 miles of a school, church, day care center, or public use waterway was adopted.

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