Congratulations to Columbian Square Dental on the recent Grand Opening of their practice in Weymouth.

The Economic Development Bill gave me the opportunity to secure $500,000 in additional funding for resources that will boost our local economy. I believe that economic growth stems from accessibility, so I allocated funds to rotaries and roadways central to local commercial centers and filed for an MBTA Commuter Rail performance assessment to propose solutions to existing problems. Our office has been working alongside our district’s State Representatives to fund and complete several road construction projects to provide smoother and faster transit throughout the South Shore.

Our district is on the brink of exciting economical advances. With the Union Point development being in its final stages, we are seeing the creation of an economically conducive gateway to Boston. The South Shore will be able to attract a younger workforce, inciting greater need for thriving cultural districts and sustainable housing markets.

By strengthening transport and economic ties to the city, we may diversify our economy, bringing a greater range of manufacturers and start-up companies into the region so that we may become more self-sufficient. Outsourcing of jobs is only weakening our economy. That is why I believe in union labor, because it keeps employment local, provides desired work conditions, and produces high quality results.

As a fiscal conservative I am a firm believer in keeping taxes low to stimulate and grow our economy. I filed a total of seventeen tax abatements to the state budget for those who deserve the monetary credit. Child care, college tuition, hospice care, and other expenses are financial burdens that many cannot avoid. By alleviating expenses like these, we are giving people greater financial freedom to become more productive to benefit themselves and the Commonwealth. By that same reasoning, business investors and small business should be given the financial incentive to empower local economies and their communities.

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