The Plymouth & Norfolk district was awarded over $69 million in state aid to public elementary and secondary schools for the 2017 fiscal year. The South Shore is lucky to be home to state of the art educational facilities and exemplary faculty. I have worked with School Committees to fight for every possible opportunity for our school systems.

I secured funding in the state budget for school resource officers in Hull and Cohasset so that they may continue to provide the protection and guidance that is so essential to a youth environment. This position is often overlooked as an effective mode of substance abuse education and advocate of healthy, productive lifestyles. I also proposed a tax credit for school teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies.

While Charter schools present their own set of opportunities, I believe in investing in higher quality public schools first. Charter schools divert significant state funding from public schools and have no oversight by local School Committees. We have also seen discriminatory acceptance statistics and the risk of failure. I want to see our existing schools improved to their greatest potential before we invest in alternative education methods.

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